Ryanpin Riichi Open 2024

place TU Graz
Tournament of the austrian riichi championship.
  • Organizer: Jesterboxboy
  • MERS Weight: 2 MERS points
  • Entry Fee: 50.0
  • Max Competitors: 36 (22 registrations)
  • Registration End:

Ryanpin Riichi Open 2024

Lunch, coffee, tea and snacks are included in the registration fee.
Please transfer the fee in advance to the bank account provided in the registration mail, only then will your registration be fully approved.
In case you need to chancel your registration earlier then two weeks in advance, please do so as soon as you learn of your changed plans and your fee will be refunded
Please note that for any chancellations closer than two weeks to the tournament we will not be able to provide a refund.

Scoring will be done using the Pantheon System.

There will be the possibility for social gathering and play on saturday evening in a bar next to the venue.

The timetable provided just outlines the start and end dates for people to be able to plan their travel itineraries.
Detailed information regarding lunch and the full timetable will be sent out a few weeks before the tournament.



09:00 - 18:00


09:00 - 17:30

In regards to the GDPR please read the attached document. By registering you are accepting to the terms and conditions outlined in the document and in this text.

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Name Nation EMA Number Has paid
Michael G. Austria Austria 01000125 False
Anton L. Austria Austria 01000149 False
Junjie W. Austria Austria 01000148 True
Charlene S. Austria Austria 01000144 False
Lena W. Austria Austria 01000053 True
Lukas G. Austria Austria 01000131 True
Martin M. Austria Austria 01000153 False
Martin P. Austria Austria 01000151 False
Elmar M. Austria Austria 01000154 False
Patricia J. Austria Austria 01000146 False
Kunyan Z. Austria Austria False
Clemens K. Austria Austria False
Ken Nico S. Germany Germany 05100182 False
Martin S. Austria Austria 01000152 False
Alexander D. Austria Austria 01000013 False
Birgitt R. Austria Austria 01000066 False
Luc D. France France 04990093 False
Theresa G. Germany Germany 05100168 False
Robert M. Germany Germany 05000018 False
Dominik H. Austria Austria 01000127 False
Maximilian H. Germany Germany False
Ziga Z. Slovenia Slovenia False

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