Vienna Riichi Open 2024

place Jugendgästehaus Brigittenau
Tournament of the austrian riichi championship.
  • Organizer: besteste
  • MERS Weight: 2 MERS points
  • Entry Fee: 70.0
  • Max Competitors: 72 (72 registrations)
  • Registration End:

Vienna Riichi Open 2024

The Vienna Riichi Open is a two day tournament, MERS 2+ with 9 hanchan.

I'm very happy to announce that it will also be a WRC qualifier, which means that the winner of the tournament will be awarded with a seat for WRC 2025 in Tokyo!

The number of participants is limited to 72. If there are no more seats available, there is the possibility to be put on a waiting list. Please e-mail the organizer if you want to be put on that list!

Registration will be open until 4 weeks before the tournament. The registration fee is 70€ and should be paid by bank transfer not later than three weeks before the tournament. Bank details will be sent to you via email within a week after you register. If it is not possible for you to pay via bank transfer, please contact the organizer to figure out another option.

Lunch and coffee breaks (including coffee, tea, juice and snacks) are included in the registration fee.

Scoring will be done using point sticks and paper sheets.

Please note, for cancellations after Sep. 14, 2024, the fee can not be refunded and food orders cannot be changed after that.

This year, we will use a rank based seeding system for the last three hanchan.

More details regarding rank based seeding, schedule and lunch options will be announced until the end of May.


  1. Robert MundelRobert Mundel
  2. Minnie Leung
  3. Matej Labaš
  4. Frank Tobias

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Name Nation EMA Number Has paid
Donald A. Austria Austria False
Birgitt R. Austria Austria 01000066 False
Luc D. France France 04990093 False
Elmar M. Austria Austria 01000154 False
Charlene S. Austria Austria 01000144 False
Anton L. Austria Austria 01000149 False
Junjie W. Austria Austria 01000148 True
Michael G. Austria Austria 01000125 True
Zoltan D. Hungary Hungary False
Martin M. Austria Austria 01000153 False
Kunyan Z. Austria Austria True
Dominik H. Austria Austria 01000127 False
Clemens K. Austria Austria False
Martin P. Austria Austria 01000151 False
Lukas G. Austria Austria 01000131 True
Alexander D. Austria Austria 01000013 False
Nina P. Poland Poland 19000071 False
Sergio M. Portugal Portugal 12990014 False
Peipeng L. Austria Austria False
Patricia J. Austria Austria 01000146 True
Mateusz W. Poland Poland 19000003 True
Martyna J. Poland Poland 19000102 True
Krisztian D. Austria Austria 01000136 False
Michał W. Poland Poland 19000171 False
Aleksander O. Poland Poland 19000175 False
Dominik J. Poland Poland 19000035 False
Michał T. Poland Poland 19000168 False
Jakub T. Poland Poland 19000145 False
Julian L. Austria Austria False
Noah S. Austria Austria False
Olga I. Poland Poland 19000087 False
Urszula S. Poland Poland 19000144 False
Łukasz G. Poland Poland 19000073 False
Ken Nico S. Germany Germany 05100182 False
Michał Ł. Poland Poland False
Martin S. Austria Austria 01000152 True
Jonas M. Germany Germany 05000027 False
Jérémie P. France France 04160071 False
Benoit D. France France 04160103 False
Arnaud W. France France 04160112 False
Barry C. United Kingdom United Kingdom False
Danny C. United Kingdom United Kingdom 11000013 False
CHAU K. France France 04240014 False
Krzysztof D. Poland Poland 19000157 False
Ivar B. Netherlands Netherlands 08010737 False
Michael v. Romania Romania 25000002 False
Maximilian H. Germany Germany False
Anastasiia V. Ukraine Ukraine 21000067 False
Mykhailo N. Ukraine Ukraine 21000043 False
Sveta Y. Ukraine Ukraine 21000055 False
Maksym I. Ukraine Ukraine 21000015 False
Kateryna K. Ukraine Ukraine 21000072 False
Juraj J. Slovakia Slovakia 17990004 False
Oleksii B. Ukraine Ukraine 21000068 False
Gemma S. United Kingdom United Kingdom False
KAROLINA T. France France 04300022 False
Timur H. Germany Germany 05100153 False
Tamas E. Hungary Hungary 06990035 False
Anton Y. Ukraine Ukraine 21000016 False
Kohei M. Switzerland Switzerland 16000040 False
Philip E. Austria Austria 01000113 False
Linxuan H. Spain Spain 10990072 False
Katarzyna C. Poland Poland 19000080 False
Jacek S. Poland Poland 19000141 False
Chris L. Romania Romania 25000008 False
Martin S. Ireland Ireland False
Anthony S. France France 04300046 True
Anders Y. Sweden Sweden False
Jakub S. Poland Poland 19000202 False
Roland M. Austria Austria False
Manuel K. Germany Germany 05100166 False
Hiroshi K. Germany Germany 05100181 False

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