Single Day Riichi Tournament

place Go7
  • Organizer: Jesterboxboy
  • Entry Fee: 5.0
  • Max Competitors: 40 (9 registrations)
  • Registration End:

Single Day Riichi Tournament

This is a one day tournament with 4 Hanchans with no EMA-Ranking.
We will play with EMA Rules but with 75 instead of 90 minutes round times(60 minutes + one more game)

We will test Pantheon , a free and open source tool that helps with setting up and running Tournaments and Club rankings.

One mobile Phone per Table will be used for scoring and for displaying scores, score sticks will only be used to indicate riichi and honba.
Smartphones that can display webpages are sufficient, so please bring yours, ideally fully charged.

There will be a lunchbreak, without an organized lunch, but everyone is free to grab something to eat.
After play there will be some pasta available at Go7, and the costs are 5 € /Person.

Please be at the venue at 9.30 so there is enough time for registration and explanation.
The first hanchan will start at 10h, and we will be finished at around 18.00h

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Name Nation EMA Number
Lena W. Austria Austria 01000053
Yecheng L. Austria Austria
Michael D. Austria Austria
Alexander D. Austria Austria 01000013
Janet W. Germany Germany
Roland M. Austria Austria
Krisztian D. Austria Austria 01000136
Birgitt R. Austria Austria 01000066
Susanne S. Austria Austria 01000141

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